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Why did we choose this name ?


VILKAS is Latvian for wolf.

Why wolf ?


We chose this charismatic animal as name and logo for our company because:

Apart from being business leaders we’re very passionate about nature and the beautiful supply chain we all make part of. The base of our philosophy lies within the fact that even though ‘mother nature’ is strong and ruthless from time to time, it is yet so fragile and can only be sustained if all its elements work together in balance with a long-term vision ahead. The wolf here represents a charismatic creature who was able to make his own way through history while remaining at the top of the food chain. What we see in the behavior of wolves is what Vilkas Management believes that makes a difference in business:

  • Leadership

  • Charisma

  • Strong individuals yet a more powerful pack

  • Smart and strategic planning

  • Long-term focus

  • Don’t pick battles you can’t win but take time to grow and concur

  • Sustain your kind and balance out the impact on your environment and supply chain

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