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What we do

Vilkas Management is an interim management firm focusing on stimulating change and business growth from the inside out. By taking on a leadership management position in your company we become part of your daily operations; developing teams and processes to outperform ‘yesterday’s results’. This is done day by day for as long as necessary until we reach the set-out results.

Our values



'Creating value' is in our nature; seek opportunities, assess and implement.​



Integrity is part of our decision making; doing the right things, with respect for all stakeholders.



Long term results always come before short term strategy.


KAIZEN (continuous improvement)

This Japanese lean principle stand for our continuous effort to challenge the status quo and ongoing focus to improve processes, communication and team performance regardless of the business maturity.


ALPHA (leadership)

We strongly believe leadership is one of the most essential elements of management; leadership is about creating more leaders, not followers. We do so by being charismatic, authentic and valuing all individuals within a 'pack' and yet create an even better performance as a team.



Sustainability is not about greenwashing but about balance; finding a balance between speed and accuracy, understanding the impact of change, taking 'time' into account as a management metric, limiting spill of energy and waste, carefully use resources, ... .


The management style we adopt is based on our company values; doing things right, considering all stakeholders, strong leadership and creating value in every fiber of your business processes. Vilkas Management bases its decision making on long term results, balancing out speed and accuracy to sustain the change implemented. The way this is achieved is by developing your company and people to think as one, to act as one and to understand that even individual results are part of a team performance.


The foundations of our DNA originate within Supply Chain Management. However based on our extensive experience within various industries and tackled business cases over the past years Vilkas Management is able to offer strong experience in all aspects of management and within all layers of your company.

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