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Vilkas Management focuses on what really matters.

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What we do

Vilkas Management offers interim management at its finest. By taking on a leadership position in your company we stimulate change and develop value from within the organization.

Who we are

A team of experienced professionals who act as if the business is their own; dedicated, passionate and charismatic. We believe that by simply doing things right value comes as a result.

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How we work

Vilkas Management is not a consulting firm nor a freelance agency. We’re an interim management firm taking on leadership mandates for as long as necessary to bring your business to the desired level of performance. We do so by ‘becoming one’ with your company and being part of the daily operations developing growth from the inside out.

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Vilkas Management is an interim management firm focusing on stimulating change and business growth from the inside out. By taking on a leadership management position in your company we become part of the daily operations; developing teams and processes to outperform ‘yesterday’s results’. This is done day by day for as long as necessary until we reach the set-out results.

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​Matthias Sabbe


"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”

 - Rudyard Kipling -

  • Senior Executive

  • Broad industry experience

    • Consumer goods and retail

    • 3PL Logistics

    • Food

    • Packaging

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • Textile

  • Skills; problem solver, charismatic leader, very strong analytical basis

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​Marie Pynoo


"Be a voice, not an echo.”

 - Albert Einstein -

  • Change and Development Coach

  • Broad mentoring experience

    • Personal growth and development

    • Self awareness

    • Discover your true 'soul-power'

    • Team communication and interaction

  • Skills; motivational speaker, entrepreneurship, strong people skills

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​Jonas Windels


"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

 - Henry Ford -

  • Executive Manager Supply Chain and Operations

  • Industry experience

    • 3PL specialist

    • Service industry

    • Chemicals

    • Textile

  • Skills; hands-on, pragmatic leader, strong analytical mindset, financial planning and cost control

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​Zita Van Haecke


"Don't be busy, be productive.”

 - Unknown -

  • Executive Manager Supply Chain, S&OP and Data Analytics

  • Industry experience

    • Textille

    • FMCG

    • Fashion

    • Retail

  • Skills; entrepreneurial leader with strong communication skills, expert on risk and working capital management

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VILKAS is Latvian for wolf & we associate ourselves with the characteristics of a wolf.

Team, Communication, Leadership (Alpha), Strong, Charisma, Agility, Strategy, Balance, Plan, Long-term, ...

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We are open for talented people and professional partnerships!

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